“I collect Deborah’s art because it makes me happy.  Her work is pure and that is rare….innate, intuitive expression… ” 

Inge Christensen ~  Private Collector, Innovation Facilitator, Art Advisor & Improv Enthusiast

“Deborah creates poetry with a brush!  Her canvases tell a story that uplifts the spirit and take you on a personal journey.  There is such positive energy in all of her works.  When you meet her you know she’s the real deal.  My clients have great comments to make about her paintings and we always look forward to showing her new works.” 

Beverley Blicker ~  Founder/Owner, Denison Gallery


“Arts Society King is so fortunate to be a part of Deborah’s creative journey.  Her participation in our shows and events has heightened the experience for visitors near and far.  Her original works provide a significant draw to the collections.”

Teri Hastings, Executive Director, Arts Society King

“Deborah has artistic vigor and constant reinvention leading the way….impressive, creative, and exciting body of work…well organized with a good understanding of what clients want…just a pleasure to work with.”

Kate McGowan ~ Manager, William’s Mill Visual Arts Centre & Red Door Gallery

“Vibrant canvases reflect her honed skill as an accomplished abstract artist. She continually delights the viewer with colour, texture, shapes and movement. From her flowing Transparency collection to her playful Bubble series, Deborah loves exploring new techniques and new, unusual ways to make you take a second look.”

Carrie Shibinsky ~ Executive Director & Founder of ArtBomb – Daily, Online, Art Auction


“Her award-winning work embodies the spirit of the Headwaters region, and she is an exceptional representation of the calibre of world-class artists that live and work in Headwaters…(Her contribution) to the Parade of Horses is a multi-award-winning public art project that serves as a legacy to the equestrian events of the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games.”

Michele Harris ~ Executive Director, Headwaters Tourism


“She is fabulous…her art is fresh, airy and bright, with a touch of sparkle.  It works both in my home and my cottage!”

Susan Wardle ~ Private Collector

“Our walls are adorned with 12 of Deborah’s artworks, with each work so different from the next.  They bring our entire family such joy as well as visiting family and friends who are also captivated by her work.  Bottom line…we need more wall space!”” 

Shelley & Ross DePalma ~  Private Collectors

“When designing our offices, I wanted to use our wall space to communicate the energy and individualism with which I hoped each employee would approach their work.  The colours and flow of Deborah’s paintings allow us to give each department a distinct feel, yet combine to give the overall company office a strong and powerful dynamism.”

Lisa Gregory Bedard ~ Commercial Collector & Vice President/Co owner, Priority Fire Equipment Inc.

“Priority Fire is never boring and now we have walls that echo that atmosphere.”

“The art on our walls sets a tone of professionalism for the entire company.”

“What I like is that each painting speaks to us all in a different way.”

“The colours and energy on our walls help motivate us all.”

“The style of our artwork represents the organized chaos we manage everyday, but with a dose of fun.”

15 Artworks | Commercial Collection ~ Employees of Priority Fire Equipment Inc.


“Stunning and inventive. Her approach to the final concept is both unique and varied with gorgeous colours and textures. “

Lisa Stewart ~ Commercial Collector & Owner of Stewart Maguire’s Landing